Frequent 經常的 evolve 超進化 function 作用 vision 視覺效果 track 跟蹤

好运快三开户Illustration 表明 object 物塊 restrict 限定 evidence 直接證據

exceptional 優秀的 representation (symbol)代表,代表 dramatical 強烈的

好运快三开户Estimate 預估 investigation 調研 taken aback 詫異 subject 試驗目標

Independent 單獨的 rapid 迅速的 consensus 一致 general 廣泛的 abstract 抽象性

好运快三开户recognize鑒別 outline 輪廊 motion 挪動 linguistics 詞匯學 extinction 絕種

好运快三开户loss 損害 reject 回絕 induce 導進 intimetly 親密無間地 pattern 方式

diversity 多元性 strucuture 搭建 bilingual 雙語教學的 preserve 維護

essential 基礎的 establish 創建 alternative 另一種 orthdox 正統

好运快三开户steadily 平穩地 consultaion 資詢 disillusioned 想象毀滅的 erode 爛掉

Misconception 誤會 resist 遏制 incentive 想法 eliminate 除去 apporach 方式

好运快三开户Isolated 孤立無援的 potential 潛在性的 chronic 長期性的 mainstream 流行

好运快三开户Erroneous 不正確的 complementary 相輔相成的 conventional 基本的 complex 繁雜的

好运快三开户Questionnaire 問卷調查 relectant 湊合的 permenant 長期的 hypothesis 假定

Geographical 自然地理的 environment 自然環境 activate 激起 stimulation 刺激性

be associated with 涉及到 connection 聯絡 tendency 選擇性 specific 實際的

好运快三开户Dominant 核心的 substance 化學物質 modify 更改 ecology 生物學

Habitat 棲息的地方 creativity 創造力 signal 數據信號 poverty 貧苦 circumstance 自然環境

好运快三开户Indigenous 聰慧的 predictable 可預測分析的 volcano 活火山 eruption 暴發

Identify 鑒別 continent 內地 atmosphere 氣氛 shape 營造 fracture 破裂

Responsible for 造成 crust 地球內部 mantle 地幔, plate 版塊 explode 發生爆炸

Contribute to 造成 swift 迅速的 violent 爆力的 tremendous 很多的

好运快三开户Appreciate 辨別 expand 擴大 procedure 流程 ambiguity 模糊不清 factor 要素

好运快三开户Involve 涉及到 influence 危害 quality 品質 anticipate 預言 generate 轉化成

好运快三开户Ignore 忽略 require 要求 genetics 遺傳基因 possess 有著 nutrition 營養成分

Mammal 哺乳類動物 adequate 充裕的 supplement 填補 deficiency 欠缺

好运快三开户Simulation 效仿 contradiction 分歧 comprehend 了解 fundamental 基礎的

好运快三开户Maintain 維護保養 duplicate 拷貝 method 方式 institute 組織 archeology 考古學

Imagination 想像 discipline 課程 anthropology 社會學 characteristics 特點

Break down into 歸類 significant 重特大的 document 計入檔案資料 deduce 梳理

Illusion 想象 role 功效 sustainable 長久的 resource 資源 proportion 占比

好运快三开户Awareness 觀念 realization 完成 contrary 相對性的 inevitable 難以避免的

好运快三开户Obligation 責任 distinction 差別 liberty 隨意 consistent 一致的

Evident 顯著的 impact 功效

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

發表于 2020-05-08


1. diverse

好运快三开户diverse /da??v??s/

ADJ If a group of things is diverse, it is made up of a wide variety ofthings. 各式各樣的


The building houses a wideand diverse variety of antiques.


2. devised

好运快三开户devise /d??va?z/ ( devising, devised, devises )

V-T If you devise a plan,system, or machine, you have the idea for it and design it. 設計構思; 設計方案


We deviseda scheme to help him.


好运快三开户3. ignominy

ignominy /??ɡn??m?n?/

N-UNCOUNT Ignominy is shame or public disgrace. 屈辱; 公布侮辱 [宣布][oft N 'of' n/-ing]


...the ignominy of being fired.


4. acolyte

acolyte /??k??la?t/ (acolytes )

N-COUNT An acolyte is afollower or assistant of an important person. 跟隨者 [宣布]


To his acolytes, he is known simply as "the Boss."


好运快三开户5. compassion

compassion /k?m?p???n/

N-UNCOUNT Compassion is a feeling of pity, sympathy, and understanding for someone who is suffering. 憐憫


好运快三开户Elderly people need time and compassion from their physicians.


6. ruthless

ruthless /?ru?θl?s/ CET6 TEM4

好运快三开户ADJ If you say that someoneis ruthless, you mean that you disapprove of them because they are very harsh or cruel, and will do anything that is necessary to achieve what they want. 慘忍的 [表不滿意]


The president was ruthless in dealing with any hint of internalpolitical dissent.


好运快三开户7. ubiquitous

ubiquitous /ju??b?kw?t?s/ TEM8

ADJ If you describe somethingor someone as ubiquitous, you mean that they seem to be everywhere. 無處不在的 [宣布]


Sugaris ubiquitous in the diet.


好运快三开户8. apoplectic

apoplectic /??p??pl?kt?k/

ADJ If someone is apoplectic, they are extremely angry aboutsomething. 火冒三丈的; 勃然大怒的 [宣布]

9. charismatic

charismatic /?k?r?z?m?t?k/ TEM8

ADJ A charismatic personattracts, influences, and inspires people by their personal qualities. 有風采的


With her striking looks and charismatic personality, she was noticed far and wide.


好运快三开户10. provisional

provisional /pr??v???n?l/ CET6 TEM8

ADJ You use provisional todescribe something that has been arranged or appointed for the present, but maybe changed in the future. 臨時性的; 臨時的


...the possibility of settingup a provisional coalition government.


11. matured

mature /m??tj??, -?t???/ CET4 TEM4 ( maturing, matured, maturer,maturest, matures )

V-I When a child or young animal matures, it becomes an adult. (小孩子、幼仔) 生長發育完善


You will learn what to expectas your child matures physically.


12. fulfilling

好运快三开户fulfil /f?l?f?l/ CET4 TEM4 (fulfilling, fulfilled, fulfils )

V-T If you fulfil somethingsuch as a promise, dream, or hope, you do what you said or hoped you would do. 完成 (服務承諾、理想、期待等)


好运快三开户President Kaunda fulfilled his promise of announcing a date for the referendum.


13. severe

好运快三开户severe /s??v??/ CET4 TEM4 ( severer, severest )

ADJ You use severe to indicate that something bad or undesirable is great or intense. 比較嚴重的


好运快三开户...a business with severe cash flow problems.


好运快三开户14. upbraid

upbraid /?p?bre?d/ (upbraiding, upbraided, upbraids )

V-T If you upbraid someone,you tell them that they have done something wrong and criticize them for doingit. 責罵 [宣布]


好运快三开户His mother summoned him, upbraided him, wept and prayed.


15. underdog

好运快三开户underdog /??nd??d?ɡ/ TEM8 (underdogs )

N-COUNT The underdog in acompetition or situation is the person who seems least likely to succeed orwin.處在缺點者


Most of the crowd werecheering for the underdog to win just this onetime.


好运快三开户16. pioneer

好运快三开户pioneer /?pa???n??/ CET4 TEM4 ( pioneering, pioneered, pioneers )

N-COUNT Someone who isreferred to as a pioneer in a particular area of activity is one of the firstpeople to be involved in it and develop it. 先驅


好运快三开户...one of the leading pioneers of photojournalism.


17. vanguard vanguard /?v?n?ɡɑ?d/

N-SING If someone is in the vanguard of something such as a revolution or an area of research, they are involved in the most advanced part of it. You can also refer to the peoplethemselves as the vanguard. 先峰


好运快三开户Students and intellectualshave been in the vanguard of revolutionary change inChina.


好运快三开户18. complicity

complicity /k?m?pl?s?t?/ TEM4

好运快三开户N-UNCOUNT Complicity is involvement with other people in an illegal activity or plan. 追兇20年 [宣布]


好运快三开户Recently a number ofpolicemen were sentenced to death for their complicity in the murder.

近期許多 警員因參加這起兇殺而被判死刑.

19. exonerated

exonerate /?ɡ?z?n??re?t/ TEM8 ( exonerating, exonerated, exonerates)

V-T If a court, report, orperson in authority exonerates someone, they officially say or show that that person is not responsible for something wrong or unpleasant that has happened. 判決···沒罪; 證實...的清正 [宣布]


The official report basically exonerated everyone.


20. rampant

rampant /?r?mp?nt/ CET6 TEM8

ADJ If you describe something bad, such as a crime or disease, as rampant, you mean that it is very common and is increasing in an uncontrolled way. 猖狂的; 泛濫成災的


Inflation is rampant and industry in decline.


21. proscribed

proscribe /pr???skra?b/ (proscribing, proscribed, proscribes )

V-T If something is proscribed by people in authority, the existence or the use of that thing is forbidden. 宣布公布被嚴禁[宣布] [usu passive]


好运快三开户In some cultures surgery is proscribed.


22. spare

spare /sp??/ CET4 TEM4 ( sparing, spared, spares )

好运快三开户ADJ You use spare to describe something that is the same as things that you are already using, but that youdo not need yet and are keeping ready in case another one is needed. 備用的


好运快三开户If possible keep a spare pair of glasses accessible in case your mainpair is broken or lost.


23. dispute

dispute /d??spju?t/ CET4 TEM4 ( disputing, disputed, disputes )

N-VAR A dispute is an argument or disagreement between people or groups. 爭執


They have won previous pay disputes with the government.


好运快三开户24. strenuous

strenuous /?str?nj??s/ CET6 TEM8

好运快三开户ADJ A strenuous activity oraction involves a lot of energy or effort. 艱難的; 強烈的


好运快三开户Avoid strenuous exercise in the evening.


25. crucial

crucial /?kru???l/ CET4 TEM4

好运快三开户ADJ If you describe somethingas crucial, you mean it is extremely important. 尤為重要的


He had administrators underhim but made the crucial decisions himself.


26. recruiting

好运快三开户recruit /r??kru?t/ CET4 TEM4 ( recruiting, recruited, recruits )

好运快三开户V-T If you recruit people foran organization, you select them and persuade them to join it or work for it. 招生; 征募


The police are trying to recruit more black and Hispanic officers.


27. longevity

好运快三开户longevity /l?n?d??v?t?/ CET6 TEM4

N-UNCOUNT Longevity is longlife. 長命 [宣布]


Human longevity runs in families.


28. characterize

characterize /?k?r?kt??ra?z/ CET4 TEM4 ( characterizing, characterized,characterizes )

好运快三开户BRIT also characterise

好运快三开户V-T If something ischaracterized by a particular feature or quality, that feature or quality is anobvious part of it.以…為特點 [宣布] [usu passive]


This election campaign has been characterized by violence.


好运快三开户29. mountainous

mountainous /?ma?nt?n?s/ CET6 TEM4

好运快三开户ADJ A mountainous place has alot of mountains. 多山的


好运快三开户...the mountainous region of New Mexico.


好运快三开户30. ameliorate

ameliorate /??mi?lj??re?t/ (ameliorating, ameliorated, ameliorates )

V-T If someone or something ameliorates a situation, they make it better or easierin some way. 改進 [宣布]

31. exacerbate

好运快三开户exacerbate /?ɡ?z?s??be?t/ TEM8 ( exacerbating, exacerbated, exacerbates )

V-T If something exacerbates a problem or bad situation, it makes itworse. 使…惡化 [宣布]


好运快三开户Longstanding poverty has been exacerbated by racial divisions.


32. remuneration

remuneration /r??mju?n??re???n/TEM8 ( remunerations )

好运快三开户N-VAR Someone's remunerationis the amount of money that they are paid for the work that they do. 酬勞; 酬勞[宣布]


好运快三开户...the continuing marked increases in the remuneration of the company'sdirectors.


33. abstemious

abstemious /?b?sti?m??s/

ADJ Someone who is abstemious avoids doing too much of somethingenjoyable such as eating or drinking.有控制的 [宣布]

34. malicious malicious /m??l???s/ CET6 TEM4

ADJ If you describe someone'swords or actions as malicious, you mean that they are intended to harm peopleor their reputation, or cause them embarrassment and upset. 故意的


That might merely have been malicious gossip.


35. controversial

controversial /?k?ntr??v????l/ CET4 TEM4

好运快三开户ADJ If you describe somethingor someone as controversial, you mean that they are the subject of intensepublic argument, disagreement, or disapproval. 有異議的


Immigration is a controversial issue in many countries.

好运快三开户香港移民在許多 國家全是一個有異議的難題.

好运快三开户36. hypothesis

好运快三开户hypothesis /ha??p?θ?s?s/ CET6 TEM8 ( hypotheses )

N-VAR A hypothesis is an ideawhich is suggested as a possible explanation for a particular situation orcondition, but which has not yet been proved to be correct. 假定 [宣布]


Work will now begin to test the hypothesis in rats.


37. suspended

suspend /s??sp?nd/ CET4 TEM4 ( suspending, suspended, suspends )

好运快三开户V-T If you suspend something,you delay it or stop it from happening for a while or until a decision is madeabout it. 中止


好运快三开户The union suspended strike action this week.


38. obstinate

好运快三开户obstinate /??bst?n?t/ TEM4ADJ If you describe someone as obstinate,you are being critical of them because they are very determined to do what theywant, and refuse to change their mind or be persuaded to do something else. 執著的 [表不滿意]


He is obstinate and determined and will not give up.


39. olfactory

olfactory /?l?f?kt?r?, -tr?, ??l-/

好运快三开户ADJ Olfactory means concernedwith the sense of smell. 嗅覺的 [宣布][ADJ n]


This olfactory sense develops in the womb.


40. obstreperous

obstreperous /?b?str?p?r?s/

ADJ If you say that someoneis obstreperous, you think that they are noisy and difficult to control. 喧囂的; 不服氣管束的 [表不滿意]


You know I have no intentionof being awkward and obstreperous.


好运快三开户41. iconoclast

好运快三开户iconoclast /a??k?n??kl?st/ (iconoclasts )

N-COUNT If you describesomeone as an iconoclast, you mean that they often criticize beliefs and thingsthat are generally accepted by society. 反社會習俗者; 批判社會發展舊思想者 [宣布]

42. skewered

skewer /?skj??/ ( skewers )

N-COUNT A skewer is a longpin made of wood or metal that is used to hold pieces of food together duringcooking. 串肉扦; 炭火烤肉叉

43. nuance

好运快三开户nuance /nju??ɑ?ns/ CET6 TEM8( nuances )

好运快三开户N-VAR A nuance is a smalldifference in sound, feeling, appearance, or meaning. (響聲、覺得、容貌或實際意義等層面的) 細微的差別


好运快三开户We can use our eyes andfacial expressions to communicate virtually everysubtle nuance of emotion there is.


44. deceit

deceit /d??si?t/ CET6 TEM4 ( deceits )

N-VAR Deceit is behaviourthat is deliberately intended to make people believe something which is nottrue. 蒙騙


He was living a secret lifeof deceit and unfaithfulness.


好运快三开户45. underestimated

好运快三开户underestimate /??nd?r??st??me?t/ CET6 TEM4 ( underestimating, underestimated,underestimates )

V-T If you underestimatesomething, you do not realize how large or great it is or will be. 低估 (某件事)


好运快三开户None of us should ever underestimate the degree of difficulty women face incareer advancement.


好运快三开户46. complexity

好运快三开户complexity /k?m?pl?ks?t?/ CET6

好运快三开户N-UNCOUNT Complexity is thestate of having many different parts connected or related to each other in acomplicated way. 多元性


好运快三开户...a diplomatic tangle of great complexity.


好运快三开户47. undaunted

undaunted /?n?d??nt?d/

ADJ If you are undaunted, youare not at all afraid or worried about dealing with something, especiallysomething that would frighten or worry most people. 未被嚇倒的


好运快三开户Undaunted by the scale of the job, Lesley set about planning howeach room should look.


48. parity

好运快三开户parity /?p?r?t?/

N-UNCOUNT If there is paritybetween two things, they are equal. 公平;相同 [宣布]


好运快三开户Women have yet to achieve wage or occupational parity in many fields.


好运快三开户49. synthesize

synthesize /?s?nθ??sa?z/ TEM4 ( synthesizing, synthesized, synthesizes)

好运快三开户BRIT also synthesise

好运快三开户V-T To synthesize a substancemeans to produce it by means of chemical or biological reactions. 生成 [技術性]


好运快三开户After extensive research,Albert Hoffman first succeeded in synthesizing the acid in 1938.


50. interweaving

好运快三开户interweave /??nt??wi?v/ CET6 ( interweaving, interwove, interwoven,interweaves )

V-RECIP If two or more thingsare interwoven or interweave, they are very closely connected or are combinedwith each other. 交錯


好运快三开户For these people, land is inextricably interwoven with life itself.


發表于 2020-05-08
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