好运快三开户Listening Section 1

Cathy: Hello, Hilary Lodge retirement home, Cathy speaking.

John: Hello, my name’s John Shepherd. Could I ask if you’re the manager of the home?

好运快三开户Cathy: That’s right.

John: Oh, good. Hello, Cathy. A friend of mine is a volunteer at Hilary Lodge, and I’d like to help out, too, if you need more people. I work part-time, so I have quite a lot of free time.

Cathy: We're always glad of more help, John. Shall I tell you about some ofthe activities that volunteers get involved in?

John: Please.

Cathy: Well, on Monday evenings we organise computer training. We've got six laptops, and five or six residents come to the sessions regularly. They're all now fine at writing and sending emails, but our trainer has just moved away, and we need two or three volunteers who can help the residents create documents. Just simple things, really.

John: I’d certainly be interested in doing that.

Cathy: Great. Then on Tuesday afternoons we have an informal singing class, which most of the residents attend. We’ve got a keyboard, and someone who plays, but if you'd like to join in the singing, you'd be very welcome.

好运快三开户John: I work on Tuesdays at the moment, though that might change. I’ll have to give it a miss for now, I’m afraid.

Cathy: OK. Then on Thursday mornings we generally have a session in our garden. Several of our residents enjoy learning about flowers, where they grow best, how to look after them, and so on. Is that something you're keen on?

好运快三开户John: I’m no expert, but I enjoy gardening, so yes, I’d like to get involved. Do you have your own tools at the home?

好运快三开户Cathy: We've got a few, but not very many.

John: I could bring some in with me when I come.

Cathy: Thank you very much. One very important thing for volunteers is that we hold a monthly meeting where they all get together with the staff. It's a chance to make sure we’re working well together, and that everyone knows how the residents are, and what's going on in the home.

好运快三开户John: Uhuh.


好运快三开户Cathy: Now obviously we'd need to get to know you before you become one of our volunteers.

John: Of course.

好运快三开户Cathy: Could you come in for an informal interview - later this week, maybe?

John: I’m busy the next couple of days, but would Saturday be possible?

Cathy: Certainly. Just drop in any time during the day. I won’t be working then, so you'll see my assistant, Mairead.

好运快三开户John: Sorry, how do you spell that?

好运快三开户Cathy: It’s M-A-I-R-E-A-D. Mairead.

John: OK, got that. It's not a name I’m familiar with.

Cathy: It's an Irish name. She comes from Dublin.

好运快三开户John: Right. And the road that Hilary Lodge is in is called Bridge Road, isn't it?

好运快三开户Cathy: That's right. Number 73.

John: Fine.

好运快三开户Cathy: Oh, one other thing you might be interested in - we're holding a couple of 'open house' days, and still need a few volunteers, if you're available.

好运快三开户John: What are the dates?

好运快三开户Cathy: There's one on April 9th, and another on 14th May. They’re both Saturdays, and all-day events.

好运快三开户John: I can certainly manage May 14th. I’ve got another commitment on April 9th, though.

好运快三开户Cathy: That would be a great help. We're having several guest entertainers - singers, a brass band, and so on - and we’re expecting a lot of visitors. So one possibility is to help look after the entertainers, or you could spend an hour or so organising people as they arrive, and then just be part of the team making sure everything's going smoothly.

John: Well, shall I show people where they can park?

好运快三开户Cathy: Lovely. Thank you. One reason for holding the open house days is to get publicity for Hilary Lodge locally. So you may find you have someone from a newspaper wanting to interview you. They’ll want to find out from two or three people why they volunteer to help at the home. We’re trying to get a TV station to come, too, but they don't seem very interested.

好运快三开户John: I don’t mind being interviewed.

Cathy: Good. Well, if you come in for a chat, as we arranged, we'll take it from there. Thank you very much for calling. John: My pleasure. Goodbye.

Cathy: Bye.

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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Question 1



定位原文:第一段第一句“In England, workmen were building a new road through the heart of Dover”


Question 2



定位原文:第五段第三句“In 2002, on the tenth anniversary of the discovery, the Dover Bronze-Age Boat Trust hosted a conference…”


Question 3

答案: proposals


好运快三开户定位原文:第7段第一句“Detailed proposals to reconstruct the boat were drown up in 2004…”

解題思路:較為非常容易協助定位的是2004,這句話中的proposals便是恰當答案.題型中的produced是對這句話中drawn up的同義詞改變.draw up, 這里的意思是“擬訂,制訂,擬定”;detailed,詳盡的,詳細的;proposal,提議,建議;reconstruct(名詞形式reconstruction),復建,修補.

Question 4


關鍵詞: 2007/1550BC

好运快三开户定位原文:第八段最后第二句“and an official launch of the project was held at an international seminar in France in 2007.”

好运快三开户解題思路:較為非常容易協助定位的是2007,定位句中的launch便是恰當答案;這句話中的the project代指的便是the boat project;依據1550BC定位到第八段較為后一句,留意句中的the project then named BOAT 1550BC(新項目之后的取名)指的也是the boat project.留意填詞語題型問的是2012年,這一新項目(the project)發生什么事.依據原文,只能新項目的起動(launch)是在2012年產生的.

Question 5



好运快三开户定位原文:較為后一段第一句“Meanwhile, the exhibition was being prepared ready for opening in July 2012 at the Castle Museum in Boulogne-sur-Mer.”

解題思路:較為非常容易協助定位的是2012,定位中的exhibition便是恰當答案,以便明確這一答案, 能夠再次定位到本段的下半一部分,it brought together for the first time a remarkable collection of Bronze-Age objects,....The reconstructed boat…,這幾句話的“the boat ”和“ other objects”一樣能夠為大家明確答案.

Question 6


好运快三开户關鍵詞:damage/ on purpose

好运快三开户定位原文:第四段第二句“The boat was not a wreck, but had been deliberately discarded, dismantled and broken.”


Question 7



定位原文:第五段第一句“With hindsight, it was significant that the boat was found and studied by mainstream archaeologists who naturally focused on its cultural context.”


Question 8


好运快三开户關鍵詞:missing northern end

定位原文:第六段較為后一句話“The possibility of returning to Dover to search for the boat’s unexcavated northern end was explored,but practical and financial difficulties were insurmountable.”

解題思路:依據這一關鍵詞定位到第六段的較為后一句話, 在分辨題型中,site指的便是Dover這個地方.留意原文中的這句話所表達的意思是“返回Dover尋找遺失的古船最北端的概率被細心科學研究過,可是具體和會計上的艱難是難以克服的”,換句話說考古工作者們未能返回當場去,因此這道選擇題的叫法不正確的.

Question 9

好运快三开户答案:NOT GIVEN



解題思路:依據前兩個關鍵詞定位到第七段第二句,考古學直接證據剛開始說明一個青銅器時代的人群跨過了亞歐,這一人群是由于海洋而集聚,而不是被分離出來.有關2005年尋找的直接證據,閱讀文章原文中并沒有談及有關貿易的事兒,因此這道題的恰當答案是NOT GIVEN.

Question 10

好运快三开户回答:six/6 metres/meters/m


定位原文:第二段第一句“At the base of a deep shaft six metres below the modern streets a wooden structure was revealed.”

好运快三开户解題思路:題目問的是“船是在多深的地底被發覺的”,依據文章內容的填空第一題,我們可以定位到第二段第一句,boat代指的便是這話中的wooden structure,found是對revealed的同義改寫,ground是對streets的同義改寫,under是對below的同義改寫.因此這兒回答是“six/6 metres/meters/m”.

Question 11

好运快三开户回答:(pads of) moss

關鍵詞:natural material/water entering

好运快三开户定位原文:第三段較為后一句“The seams had been made watertight by pads of moss, fixed by wedges and yew stitches.”

好运快三开户解題思路:由于這道題的提出問題是和古船的組成有關的,因此定位到第三段較為后一句.題型中的prevent water(防潮)便是對這話中的made watertight(制成不滲水的)的同義改寫.

Question 12

回答: (the) hull (shape)

關鍵詞: 2012

定位原文:第二段第三句“In 2012, however, the hull shape was at the centre of the work.”


Question 13

好运快三开户回答:cost and time/ cost time/ time cost

關鍵詞:not/full-scale reconstruction

好运快三开户定位原文:第二段較為后一句“It was decided to make the replica half-scale for reasons of cost and time…”

好运快三开户解題思路:依據關鍵詞定位到最后第二段,難題之中的the decision not to make a full-scale construction便是對這話中it was decided to make the replica half-scale的同義改寫.因此for reasons of cost and time便是難題所問的two factors.

發表于 2020-05-06
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