好运快三开户Countries are becoming more and more similar because people are able to buy the same products anywhere in the world. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?



The differences between nations in terms of their lifestyle, food habit, fashion, choices, and traditions have already reduced to a great extent with the effects of globalization, technology and international agreements for open trade facilities. Since most of the international products are easily accessible globally, people have far more choices and freedom which have enhanced people’s lifestyle besides narrowing the gaps among nations. I postulate this trend a positive development.


To begin with, the availability of international brands like Apple, Google, Nike, Pepsi, Johnson’s, Samsung, Amazon, Toyota etc. in a country enables consumers to purchase quality products. For instance, someone in India can use the same technological products from Intel and Microsoft that an American uses and it facilitates reducing gaps between these two countries. ‘Barrier & gaps’ among nations was a predominant reason for conflicts and with the advancement of the technology and mutual trade agreements, nations are aware of the foreign cultures more than they did ever before. This translation is from Laokaoya website. This diminishes the world tension and helps prevail the peace. Furthermore, affluent countries have created a vast market for the consumer products and this has helped them establish offshore offices and factories in developing nations. This is a mutually beneficial agreement that helps both parties.


Furthermore, local consumers are not trapped with the low-quality local products and a wider freedom lets them enjoy a better lifestyle. With the competition, local manufacturers are forced to produce quality products at a competitive price. With this development, some local companies have gained international recognition as a manufacturer.


好运快三开户To conclude, the concept of boundaries and countries divides nations and create the master-slave relationship as we have already witnessed in the history. The present era has plummeted this heinous trend to a great extent and the similar lifestyle and availability of international products have helped this to happen.

綜上所述,國家和界限的定義將中華民族區別起來,并造就出人們古代歷史早已不斷看到過的主人家- 奴仆關聯.現如今時期早已巨大地殺死了這一不太好的狀況.而類似的生活習慣和國際性產品將協助進一步完成它.

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Case Study: Tourism New Zealand website

New Zealand is a small country of four million inhabitants, a long-haul flight from all the major tourist-generating markets of the world. Tourism currently makes up 9% of the country’s gross domestic product, and is the country’s largest export sector. Unlike other export sectors, which make products and then sell them overseas, tourism brings its customers to New Zealand. The product is the country itself - the people, the places and the experiences. In 1999, Tourism New Zealand launched a campaign to communicate a new brand position to the world. The campaign focused on New Zealand’s scenic beauty, exhilarating outdoor activities and authentic Maori culture, and it made New Zealand one of the strongest national brands in the world.


A key feature of the campaign was the website www.newzealand.com, which provided potential visitors to New Zealand with a single gateway to everything the destination had to offer. The heart of the website was a database of tourism services operators, both those based in New Zealand and those based abroad which offered tourism services to the country. Any tourism-related business could be listed by filling in a simple form. This meant that even the smallest bed and breakfast address or specialist activity provider could gain a web presence with access to an audience of long-haul visitors. In addition, because participating businesses were able to update the details they gave on a regular basis, the information provided remained accurate. And to maintain and improve standards, Tourism New Zealand organised a scheme whereby organisations appearing on the website underwent an independent evaluation against a set of agreed national standards of quality. As part of this, the effect of each business on the environment was considered.


To communicate the New Zealand experience, the site also carried features relating to famous people and places. One of the most popular was an interview with former New Zealand All Blacks rugby captain Tana Umaga. Another feature that attracted a lot of attention was an interactive journey through a number of the locations chosen for blockbuster films which had made use of New Zealand’s stunning scenery as a backdrop. As the site developed, additional features were added to help independent travellers devise their own customised itineraries. To make it easier to plan motoring holidays, the site catalogued the most popular driving routes in the country, highlighting different routes according to the season and indicating distances and times.

以便充足散播這次親身經歷,該網站也有一些與知名人士和著名地址相關的特色詳細介紹.在其中最火爆的內容之一是對新西蘭黑色橄欖球隊前大隊長Tana Umaga的訪談.此外一個吸引住了很多關心的特色是一場互動型旅途,越過一些將新西蘭讓人瞠目結舌的景色選做背景圖的好萊塢大片中以前出現過的地址.伴隨著網站的發展趨勢,又有一些附加特色被,來協助自助式型游客根據這一整體規劃歸屬于自身的特色行程安排.以便協助客戶更簡易整體規劃自駕游行暑假,網站還依據季節變換收集整理出了這一國家最火爆的好幾條開車線路,而且標明了間距和時間.

好运快三开户Later, a Travel Planner feature was added, which allowed visitors to click and ‘bookmark’ places or attractions they were interested in, and then view the results on a map. The Travel Planner offered suggested routes and public transport options between the chosen locations. There were also links to accommodation in the area. By registering with the website, users could save their Travel Plan and return to it later, or print it out to take on the visit. The website also had a ‘Your Words’ section where anyone could submit a blog of their New Zealand travels for possible inclusion on the website.


好运快三开户The Tourism New Zealand website won two Webby awards for online achievement and innovation. More importantly perhaps, the growth of tourism to New Zealand was impressive. Overall tourism expenditure increased by an average of 6.9% per year between 1999 and 2004. From Britain, visits to New Zealand grew at an average annual rate of 13% between 2002 and 2006, compared to a rate of 4% overall for British visits abroad.


The website was set up to allow both individuals and travel organisations to create itineraries and travel packages to suit their own needs and interests. On the website, visitors can search for activities not solely by geographical location, but also by the particular nature of the activity. This is important as research shows that activities are the key driver of visitor satisfaction, contributing 74% to visitor satisfaction, while transport and accommodation account for the remaining 26%. The more activities that visitors undertake, the more satisfied they will be. It has also been found that visitors enjoy cultural activities most when they are interactive, such as visiting a marae (meeting ground) to learn about traditional Maori life. Many long-haul travellers enjoy such learning experiences, which provide them with stories to take home to their friends and family. In addition, it appears that visitors to New Zealand don’t want to be ‘one of the crowd’ and find activities that involve only a few people more special and meaningful.

好运快三开户這一網址創立的目地是以便讓本人和度假旅游組織都能依據這一建立出合適她們本身要求和興趣愛好的行程安排及其度假旅游套餐內容.在網址,來訪者并不是只是可以依據所在位置為案件線索來尋找每個主題活動,還能夠根據主題活動的特殊特性來搜索.這一點是很重要的,由于科學研究顯示信息:主題活動新項目是游客滿意率的重要驅動器要素,為整體游客滿意率奉獻了百分之七十四的占比,而交通出行和酒店住宿一起才占了剩下的百分之二十六.游客參加的主題活動越多,她們便會越對自身的旅游覺得令人滿意.另外研究發現:游客最享有的文藝活動是這些有互動交流特性的,比如參觀考察一處毛利率大會堂來掌握傳統式的毛利人衣食住行.很多不遠萬里的游客都十分享有那樣的教育經歷,那樣她們就會有小故事能夠帶回家與盆友和親人共享.除此之外,趕到英國的游客們仿佛都不愿變成大家中群體中的一個,只是感覺這些只能為數不多人參加的主題活動更加非常和更有意義. It could be argued that New Zealand is not a typical destination. New Zealand is a small country with a visitor economy composed mainly of small businesses. It is generally perceived as a safe English-speaking country with a reliable transport infrastructure. Because of the long-haul flight, most visitors stay for longer (average 20 days) and want to see as much of the country as possible on what is often seen as a once-in-a-lifetime visit. However, the underlying lessons apply anywhere - the effectiveness of a strong brand, a strategy based on unique experiences and a comprehensive and user-friendly website.

將會有異議說英國并算不上一個典型性的旅游城市.它是一個小國家,游客經濟發展關鍵由中小型店家構成.它被大家廣泛視作一個安全性的講英語的國家,擁有靠譜的交通出行基礎設施建設.因為要開展長途飛行,絕大多數游客都是在此處待較為久(均值為20天)并要想盡量地四處多看一下這一國家,由于她們一般 將此當作是“一生只來一次的旅游”.殊不知,英國的旅游業發展昌盛發展趨勢身后的工作經驗卻能夠運用到任何地方——一個強勁的品牌知名度,根據特有親身經歷的對策,和一個全方位而而且關心客戶的網址.

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