Describe an interesting talk or lecture

You should say:

好运快三开户When you heard it

好运快三开户Where you heard it

好运快三开户What it was about

And explain why you think it was interesting


好运快三开户The speech was given by a manager in a place I was working. He was giving a speech to say goodbye to one of our colleagues who was leaving to set up as an independent consultant, but who had worked at the organisation a very long time, perhaps forty years. Everyone was sad to see this person go, as they were very popular, but we all wished them well and understood why they felt they needed to move on. It was a reasonably big workforce, so about sixty of us had gathered in the open-plan office to say goodbye and present a gift to our departing friend and co-worker.


好运快三开户I think sometimes ‘leaving-do’s’ can be really awkward and embarrassing Everyone stands around self-consciously and there is an excruciating and brief ‘goodbye and thank you’ from the boss, and then everyone stares at the poor person who is leaving whilst they rip open and read a rapidly bought card and mumble their thanks for a rather anonymous gift. This, however, was different. Our manager had made a real effort to prepare a good speech that was funny, well-researched, engaging and genuinely affectionate.


I think the speech was good because it involved everyone, shared funny (but not too private) stories that were relevant to the leaver, and the effort our boss had put into preparing it showed his respect and admiration for the colleague who was departing. The quiz also gave everyone something to talk about, so people could chat and mingle a bit after the presentation. It was also not too long! It held interest, and was appropriate for the context.

我覺得這一演講非常好,因為它涉及每個人,共享趣味的(但不太個人的)小故事,這種小故事都和這個故事相關,而人們的老總在提前準備全過程中常做的勤奮顯示信息了他對將要離去的朋友的尊重和稱贊.這一檢測也給了每個人一些談論話題,因此大家能夠 在演講完畢后閑聊和溝通交流.它都不過長!它維持了興趣愛好,而且合適于前后文.

你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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由小到大,人們聽過的演講有很多.但再加趣味的這一限制,可挑選的范疇就大大的變小了.我國的演講通常太過嚴肅認真而且填滿教育意義,不太合適做為這一題目的回答.這時候大伙兒能夠 把自己的眼光放遠一些.參照下海外的演講,到ted上找找,或是看一下成功者在高校畢業晚會上的演講.盡管這種演講也是有自身要想傳遞的目地.但期內會交叉各式各樣的搞笑段子,更為趣味一些.


好运快三开户Describe an interesting talk or lecture

You should say:

When you heard it

好运快三开户Where you heard it

What it was about

好运快三开户And explain why you think it was interesting


I am going to talk about an interesting lecture that I heard 3 years ago. It is still vivid in my mind. Back then I was eager to improve my English and my teacher recommended a lot of materials and websites, which might be useful. One of them is TED, a website where various people share their experience, research, and knowledge. Its motto is “ideas worth spreading”.


I spent a great deal of time on it. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. Every day, I browsed through hundreds of lectures, trying to find something that aroused my interest. Then I found one lecture that ranked first at the list of the most played.


好运快三开户It is about how people’s attention works. Every day, our brain receives enormous information, most of which is useless. So during the process of evolution, our brain has gradually developed a filter mechanism. It rules out a lot of things unconsciously so that we can focus on a specific issue. However, the drawback of this mechanism is that it disables us from doing two things at the same time.


The interesting thing about this lecture is that the lecturer illustrates this by showing how picking pocket works. Through distracting people and making them focus on what he is saying, he takes belongings from them without being noticed. It was amazing.


Part 3 增加難題

What kinds of people will be invited to give a speech?

好运快三开户In what occasion would you be a good listener?

Is listening to speeches important to children?

What is required to be a good public speaker?

Will Chinese people feel nervous when it comes to public speaking?

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